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6 Amazing Ways to Feel Grounded and Calm


 6 Amazing Ways to Feel Grounded and Calm When we experience change in our lives, whether that’s a big change or a small one like the change of seasons, change of routine or travel, we can be thrown out of balance and feel ungrounded.  Add to that the frenetic pace of our daily lives and our constant connection to […] Read more…

Yin Yoga Sequence


Yin Yoga Sequence: Lower Back and Hip Release This week I started teaching a new yin yoga class on a Monday evening.  It was such a beautifully energising and calming first class and the perfect way to spend a dark autumn evening. A yin yoga practice is so rejuvenating at this time of year when […] Read more…

Vinyasa Flow Sequence to Open Your Side Body


  Vinyasa Flow Sequence to Open Your Side Body This Vinyasa Flow sequence is a taster of the sequence I’ve been teaching in my yoga classes this week. It focuses on your side body, an area that can hold a lot of tension, often without us realising! Using this Vinyasa Flow sequence to open your side body is […] Read more…

Yoga Music Playlist February 2016


Yoga Music Playlist: February 2016 I love to play music in my classes and on my retreats and I don’t mean just traditional instrumental ‘relaxation’ music. Putting together uplifting, inspiring and sometimes surprising yoga music playlists for my Vinyasa Flow yoga classes is one of my favourite things to do. I love to practice and teach yoga […] Read more…

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